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This document outlines a draft checklist on COVID-19 risk management strategy implementation for food companies. Possible measures to be implemented are organized following the “TOP” principle – Technical/ Organizational/ Personnel. This is a guide only and any given company is strongly encouraged to modify this to fit their situation and circumstances.

This is a work in progress; please contact Louise Felker with feedback and suggestions for corrections. We will post updated versions as we further improve this document.

Frequently Touched Surfaces Checklist (English & Spanish)

COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures

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If you have specific questions around ingredients, cleaning/sanitation chemicals and procedures, personnel practices, or other food safety, supply, and distribution changes due to the impact of COVID-19, reach out to our experts:

Our team can also provide process authority services in case you need to change processes and/or formulations due to COVID-19 related challenges. For more information visit the Cornell Food Venture Center and for dairy-related process authority services contact Rob Ralyea (