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Funding Opportunities

Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) Reimbursement Program

Funding is available to reimburse growers for up to two times for on-site audits through the New York State GAPs Reimbursement Program.  Third-party audits GAPs/GHP audits for farm review, field harvest, field packing, packing house, storage and transportation and/or trace back as well as annual water tests as part of the GAPs/GHP audit are eligible for reimbursement.

For additional information or questions contact the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, Division of Food Safety & Inspections (Farm Products Unit):

GAPs Certification Assistance Program Links:

New York State Grown and Certified Producers' Grant Program

New York State Regional Economic District Councils (REDC) were established in 2011 by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo to develop long-term strategic plans for economic growth. As part of this initiative, a New York State Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) was created to streamline and expedite the grant application process. In 2017, up to $5 million of funding was made available to a New York State Grown & Certified Agricultural Producers’ Grant Program (providing $500,000 of funding to each of the ten New York State REDC using the CFA process). The funding will provide resources needed by New York State agricultural producers to invest in capital projects that will allow them to meet food safety standards necessary for participation in the New York State Grown & Certified program. 

As part of the CFA process, the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets will administer the funding for the NYS Grown & Certified Agricultural Producers' Grant Program and assign a grant administrator to each REDC through a competitive application process. The grant administrator for each REDC will be responsible for accepting and evaluating project proposals as well as awarding grants to agricultural producers within their region. Applications to administer the grant program for each of the ten New York State REDC were due on July 28, 2017. Awards for the grant administrators were announced in December 2017. We will provide the contact information for each New York State REDC grant administrator when the information becomes available.

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