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Grown and Certified logoNew York State Grown & Certified is the first statewide, multi-faceted food certification program designed to strengthen consumer confidence in New York products, address food product labeling, and assist New York farmers so they can take advantage of the growing market demand for foods locally grown and produced to a higher standard. New York State Grown & Certified is open to New York producers who adhere to the best practices in safe food handling and environmental stewardship. It is currently available to New York State producers or processors of produce, dairy, eggs, beef, poultry, pork, shellfish, Christmas trees, maple, cut flowers, craft beverage ingredients, wine, spirits, beer and cider.

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Criteria to meet the standards/eligibility to participate in NYS Grown & Certified

Requirements vary based on the commodity. We have listed the criteria for produce growers and dairy processors below. To view the criteria for other commodities, download the NYS Grown & Certified commodity-specific applications.

Produce Growers

  1. All products marketed under the seal must be grown in New York State. 
  2. Participation in a food safety or safe food handling program with annual on-site audits such as the USDA Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) or Good Handling Practices (GHP) certification or another third-party food handling practices program with annual audits deemed GAP- or GHP equivalent by the Commissioner.
  3. Completion of Tier 2 or higher in the New York State Agricultural Environmental Management (AEM) program within the past three years. 

Dairy Processors

  1. Dairy processors must certify that a majority of their milk is (or milk suppliers are) from New York State farms.
  2. The dairy processing plant must be in compliance with the required Plant Processor Supervisor (PPS) training, and the plant must demonstrate that it participates in a third-party food safety or safe food handling program with annual on-site audits.
  3. A majority of the dairy processor's milk is from producers (or milk suppliers are producers) that have completed Tier 2 (or higher) in the New York State Agricultural Environmental Management (AEM) program or are CAFO permit holders. Producers must have received one of these certifications within the past three years.

For questions regarding applications or other commodities, email NYSGrownandCertified@agriculture.ny.gov.