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GMPs Part 117 Online Resources

Online resources from the Good Manufacturing Practices Part 117 Online Course

Online Resources in Module 1: GMP Regulation & Training

  • Module 1 Page 3

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  • Module 1 Page 4

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  • Module 1 Page 8

Food Safety Modernization Act Webpage

Online Resources in Module 2: Food Safety: Microbes & Allergens

  • Module 2 Page 10

USDA: Compliance Guidelines for Cooling Heat-Treated Meat and Poultry Products (Appendix B)

FDA: FDA Seafood Products Hazards and Controls Guide

  • Module 2 Page 14


  • Module 2 Page 15

FDA: Information about Food Allergens

  • Module 2 Page 17

FDA: Food Labeling & Nutrition

FDA: Allergen Labeling Requirements

  • Module 2 Page 19

Training Information from the Food Allergy Research and Resource Program

Online Resources in Module 3: Personnel: Health & Hygiene

No online resources are provided in Module 3.

Online Resources in Module 4: Plant Grounds & Pest Control

No online resources are provided in Module 4.

Online Resources in Module 5: Plant Construction & Design

  • Module 5 Page 5


Thomas Net

Online Resources in Module 6: Sanitary Facilities: Water, Plumbing & Toilets

  • Module 6 Page 4

National EPA Regulation

  • Module 6 Page 22

American Backflow Prevention Association

American Society of Sanitary Engineering (ASSE) International

Online Resources in Module 7: Sanitary Operations: Cleaning & Sanitizing

  • Module 7 Page 27

University of Florida: Basic Elements of Equipment Cleaning and Sanitizing in Food Processing and Handling Operations

JIFSAN Effective Cleaning and Sanitizing Procedures

Seafood Network Info Center at Oregon State University

Arizona Dept. of Public Health Services: Food Equipment Cleaning and Sanitizing

Sanitation Tools

Food Manufacturing

MacRae’s Blue Book

Thomas Net

  • Module 7 Page 32

White Paper on Considerations in Developing and Using Microbiological Sampling and Testing Procedures if Used as Part of a Food Safety Program for Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Products

Allergen Validation: Analytical Methods and Scientific Support for a Visually Clean Standard

  • Module 7 Page 35

FDA-Approved Sanitizers in 21 CFR Part 178

EPA-Tolerance Exemptions 40 CFR Part 180

Online Resources in Module 8: Equipment & Utensils

  • Module 8 Page 4

American National Standards Institute

National Sanitation Foundation

Underwriters Laboratories

USDA Agriculture Marketing Service Equipment List

3-A Sanitary Standards

Baking Industry Sanitary Standards

  • Module 8 Page 11

Food Processing Suppliers Association

Food Online

Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies

The Thomas Register

Food Processing Magazine

Selection and Purpose of Used Food Processing Equipment Kansas Cooperative Extension Service Fact Sheet

  • Module 8 Page 28

Water Base Boiling Point Calculator

FDA Food Code 2017 Edition

National Institutes of Standards and Technology

Thermometer Calibration Guide Kansas State University Extension Publication

  • Module 8 Page 29

Food Logistics

Thomas Net

  • Module 8 Page 31

Compressed Gas Association Publications: Guide to Food Gas Regulations and Industry Practices

U.S. Dept of Labor, Occupational Safety & Health Administration regulations for compressed gases

Compressed gases self-inspection checklist for schools

Online Resources in Module 9: Plant Operations & Raw Materials

  • Module 9 Page 10

USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service List of Accredited Laboratories

Food Testing Laboratory Database

Association of Public Health Laboratories

  • Module 9 Page 19

FDA Bad Bug Book

  • Module 9 Page 21

FDA: Action levels for Poisonous or Deleterious Substances in Human Food and Animal Feed

  • Module 9 Page 22

FDA: Compliance Manual on Mycotoxins in Domestic Food

FDA: Fish and Fishery Products Hazards and Control Guides

Online Resources in Module 10: Manufacturing Operations: Process Controls

  • Module 10 Page 11

Food Processing Authorities

  • Module 10 Page 12

USDA Appendix A: Compliance Guidelines for Meeting Lethality Performance Standards for Certain Meat and Poultry Products

FDA: FDA Fish and Fishery Products Hazards and Controls Guide

USDA: USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service Compliance Guides

Dairy Grade A Voluntary HACCP

FDA: FDA Juice HACCP Guidelines

FDA: FDA Food Code

  • Module 10 Page 19

FDA: FDA Compliance Policy Guide on Hard or Sharp Objects

  • Module 10 Page 21

Metal Detectors in Food Processing – Oklahoma State University Food Technology Factsheet

Food Processing Buyer’s Guide to Metal Detection Systems

Thomas Net Food Inspection Systems

  • Module 10 Page 26

USDA: Compliance Guidelines for Cooling Heat-treated Meat and Poultry Products (Appendix B)

  • Module 10 Page 34

FDA: Measure water activity in foods

University of California at Davis: Water Activity in Food

Cornell Food Venture Center: Water Activity Measurement of Foods

  • Module 10 Page 38

Cornell University Food Venture Center: Fact sheet on pH meters and how to purchase them

Microbiology Laboratory Guidebook information on measuring pH in meat and poultry products

FDA: Regulation for acidified foods, how to establish a validated process, how to measure pH

Online Resources in Module 11: Warehousing, Food Disposition & Defects

  • Module 11 Page 3

USDA: Federal Meat Inspection Act

  • Module 11 Page 4

USDA: Food Safety and Inspection Service Guide for Developing a Food Defense Plan for Meat and Poultry Processors

FDA: Investigations Operations Manual – Subchapter 8.5 Disaster Procedures
(Select Chapter 8 - Investigations and view Subchapter 8.5 - Disaster Procedures starting on page 8-23.)

FDA: Notice on the Safety of Food Affected by Hurricanes, Flooding, and Power Outages

FDA: Notice on How to Dispose of Contaminated or Spoiled Food

  • Module 11 Page 5

FDA: Reconditioning FDA regulated foods from the FDA Investigations Operations Manual Section 8.5.
(Select Chapter 8-Investigations and view Subchapter 8.5 - Disaster Procedures. Reconditioning is described starting on page 8-27.)

USDA: Requirements for meat, poultry and egg products

  • Module 11 Page 13

FDA: Defect Level Handbook

Online Resources in Module 12: Building Sanitation Procedures

  • Module 12 Page 2

FDA Self-Inspection Guide

FDA: What should I expect during an inspection?

FDA: Reports, Manuals, and Forms

  • Module 12 Page 6

USDA/FSIS Federal Grant of Inspection guide

HACCP Alliance GMP and SSOP Guidelines

Seafood HACCP Alliance’s Sanitation Control Procedures Course Manual

Sanitation Resources at the Seafood Network Info Center

  • Module 12 Page 7

NMPA 2013 Pest Management Standards for Food Plants

  • Module 12 Page 8

FSMA Preventive Controls Rule

Preventive Controls Training Course Schedule

Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance

FSMA Training

FDA Factsheet on Preventive Controls

FDA Frequently Asked Questions on FSMA

  • Module 12 Page 9

FDA Factsheet on Sanitary Transportation Rule

Sanitary Transport Final Rule

FSMA Final Rules

  • Module 12 Page 10

FDA Produce Safety Rule

FDA Guidance on Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Produce Safety Alliance

FDA Guidance for Sprouts

Sprout Safety Alliance

Dairy Grade A Voluntary HACCP

FDA Sanitary Scorecard for Milk Plants

  • Module 12 Page 11

FDA Guidance for Industry to Control Listeria in Ready-to-Eat Foods

Compliance Policy Guide for Listeria

FDA Requirements for Low Acid Canned Foods and Acidified Foods

FDA Inspection Reference Guides

FDA NSSP Guide for the Control of Molluscan Shellfish

  • Module 12 Page 12

USDA: FDA/FSIS Sanitation Performance Standards Compliance Guide

USDA: FDA/FSIS Compliance Guidelines to Control Listeria monocytogenes in Post-lethality Exposed Ready-to-Eat Meat and Poultry Products

  • Module 12 Page 13

AIB Consolidated Guidelines

Western Growers Association Industry Guidance Documents

USDA Internet Resources on Sanitation and Pest Control

Pennsylvania State University Database

Links to State Food Safety Agencies

AFDO Resources

  • Module 12 Page 16

PDF of All GMP Requirements & What You Can Do & How to Monitor Sections of this Course

  • Module 12 Page 17

University of Georgia Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Pest Control in Food Processing and Storage and Service Areas Fact Sheet

Seafood Network Info Center SSOP Generic Models and Forms

FDA: FDA Self Inspection Checklist

National Sea Grant Library

Perdue University Food Safety Toolkit: Equipment, Facilities and Premises Cleaning Checklists

University of Wisconsin SSOP Model for Meat Processing

  • Module 12 Page 24

Seafood Network Information Center

Food Safety Information Center Education and Training Materials Database

International Dairy Foods Association

Institute of Food Technologies

Pennsylvania State University Food Safety Database Search for Training for Food Processors

Grocery Manufacturer’s Association

American Institute of Baking Online Course Catalog

International Association for Food Protection